Starches and


Glucose High maltose Dextrose Maltodextrin Fructose Corn starch Potato starch Tapioca starch

Fats and oils


Oil (palm, sunflower, soya and corn) Palm stearinShortening, HPKO CBS (cocoa butter substitute) PFAD / PKFAD Refined glycerin, mineral oil, paraffine wax Soap noodles Fatty alcohol (C16,C18)

Food additives


Flavors / Colorants Gumbase Phosphoric acid Soy lecithinCitric acidMalic acid / Acetic acidGlutamate (MSG)
Sodium / Ammonium bicarbonate / Sodium metabisulfite

products and


Refined sugar ENA 96°(denatured or not) Tomato concentrate Cocoa powder Milk powder Durum wheat semolina Whey powder / Permeate Sesame seedFruit concentrateVinegar

and resins


LDPE / HDPE PP PET PVC Preforms Caps Flexible packaging Shrink film Lollypop sticksMasterbatch



Caustic soda (flakes, pearls, solid) Calcium hypochlorite (HTH) Sodium carbonate SLESPolyol / TDI White Spirit Titanium dioxide LABSA Anhydrous sodium sulfateCellulose thinner

Applications for these products

Food processing

• Confectionery / Biscuit / Chocolate / Snacks
• Oil and margarine
• Pasta / Bouillon / Tomato concentrate
• Dairy / Yogurt / Ice cream / Cheese

Soap / Cosmetics

• Soap / Detergent
• Creams / Body lotions / Hair care
• Perfumes / Deodorants

Plastics and packaging

• Corrugated cartons
• Bottling
• Plastic
• Pipe manufacturing

Chemicals industry

• Paints
• Water treatment
• Distributors
• Mattress foam