Starches and


Glucose High maltose Dextrose Maltodextrin Fructose Corn starch Potato starch Tapioca starch

Fats and oils


Oil (Palm, Sunflower, Soya and Corn) Shortening HPKO CBS (Cocoa butter Substitute) PFAD / PKFAD Refined glycerin, Mineral Oil, Paraffine wax Soap noodles Fatty Alcohol (C16,C18)

Food additives


Glutamate (MSG) Gum base Flavors / Colorants Soy lecithin Citric acid Malic acid / Acetic acid Phosphoric Acid Sodium / Ammonium Bicarbonate / Sodium Metabisulfite

products and


Refined Sugar ENA 96°(denature or not) Tomato concentrate Cocoa powder Fat filled milk powder Full / Skimmed milk powder Durum wheat semolina Whey power / Permeate

and resins


LDPE / HDPE PP PET PVC Preforms and caps Flexible packaging Shrink film Lollypop sticks



Caustic soda (Flakes, pearls, solid) Calcium hypochlorite (HTH) Sodium Carbonate SLESPolyol/TDI White Spirit Titanium Dioxide LABSA

Applications for these products

Food processing

• Confectionery / Biscuit / Chocolate/ Snacks
• Oil and margarine
• Pasta / Bouillon / Tomato concentrate
• Dairy / Yogurt / Ice cream / Cheese

Soap / Cosmetics

• Soap / Detergent
• Creams / Body lotions / Hair care
• Perfumes / Deodorants

Plastics and packaging

• Corrugated cartons
• Bottling
• Plastic

Chemicals industry

• Paints
• Water treatment
• Distributors
• Mattress foam