What services do we provide?

Products sourcing

• Large range of products
• Volume availability throughout the year
• Competitive prices
• Stable product quality
• Suggestion of Alternative/innovative solutions
• Samples available


• Adapted and innovative solutions
• Reduced financial fees
• Differed payment options


• Delivery to CFR/CPT
• Follow instructions of loading schedule
• Control of transit time and transhipments
• Negotiation of free time at


• Knowledge of customs
specifications and import
rules for each country
• Provide requested cargo documentation (certificates, waivers,…)

How do we implement those services?

Risk Management

• CEMP partners with trustworthy
manufacturers to avoid delays and defaults
Strong client network and extended
knowledge of specific risks inherent to each
African country
• We bear the foreign exchange and financial

Trade Finance

• We guarantee full confidentiality
• Tailor made solutions to secure payment,
optimize cash flow and reduce capital
• Innovative approach using latest Trade
Finance solutions

Supply Chain

• Experienced logistic team with comprehensive understanding of international trade challenges (bookings, freight, inspection, documentation, customs and banking system)
Single logistic interlocutor for the follow up of your orders
• We provide full set of documents according to the legislation and time frame

Quality Management

• We assure quality consistency of delivered goods over the years
• CEMP frequently controls the quality of the products supplied
• Our team provides full traceability, technical documents and quality certificates