More than just a raw material distributor, CEMP is a service company offering its customers personalized, reliable, and long term solutions in their procurement.


CEMP procurement specialists acquire goods under the most advantageous terms tailored to your exact requirements:

  • Global access to suppliers via CEMP sourcing network
  • Negotiating the most favorable prices and terms
  • Establishing alternative sourcing and supply channels to mitigate disruptions
  • Ensuring the quality of products, certifications, and documentation


Implementation of customized solutions to optimize liquidity, reduce required capital, and secure payments.

Transport and logistic

  • Optimization of logistical costs for bulk shipments or container shipments to the destination port, achieved through close collaboration with maritime companies and freight forwarders.
  • Optimal prices and conditions considering the overall volume generated by the group.
  • Quality assurance measures implemented at ports.


Knowledge of customs specifications and import rules for each country.